Important Differences Between Modern And Traditional Sushi

Published: 19th January 2010
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Sushi is a very famous Japanese food that grew popularity in the United States just like it grew popular all over the world. Sushi has taken on some western flavors and techniques and this evolved sushi has traveled back to Japan to become trendy American Sushi.

There are some differences between the traditional sushi and the evolved American sushi. The first being that most of Japanese sushi had some sort of fish included, either raw or treated with pickles. American sushi has taken on a decidedly western technique when it comes to sushi creation, adding area-specific ingredients and changing the shape, size and presentation format laid out by Japanese inventors.

In the old times, the rice were fermented along with fish, or treated fish with pickle. Only the fish was eaten and the rice was discarded as it had a strong flavor to it due to fermentation. This sushi is served only near Lake Biwa these days.

Japanese people invented modern sushi as finger food, so they could eat it without the use of chopsticks. People would bring sushi at theater and at festivals to eat it with hands, thus the era of modern sushi came into existence.

Many traditional Japanese people still love to eat sushi using chopsticks, with the exception of Temaki. A Temaki is a roll shaped like an ice cream cone with a variety of fillings, and is eaten by hands.

There are many other types of sushi popular in America such as sashimi, nigiri, oshi, sukeroku, inari and maki sushi. Americans love and enjoy these types at sushi restaurants. Sukeroku is a really common American sushi, which is vegetarian and is cheap to buy. It is easily available in grocery stores, and has been Americanized as it is vegetarian. This sushi is also known as the ume sushi, as it is a low quality sushi, but still it is very popular in America.

Another difference in the Japanese and American sushi is that they are very different in quality. Sukeroku being a cheap sushi is found in many American households. It is considered as ume ranked as it is easier to make and hence sushi chefs can easily launch their restaurants in America.

Japanese sushi and American sushi are also different as they are very different in quality. Sukeroku being a cheap sushi is widely available in America. There are many sushi bars in America that cater specifically to the American Sushi craze, complete with loud rock and roll music. This sort of sushi reflects what traditional Japanese diners would consider very outlandish ingredient combinations, and bars add to the atmosphere with American furnishings and color schemes.

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