Can Lupus Cause Adult Bed Wetting?

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Lupus Nephritis is one of the causes of adult bed wetting. Due to the nature of both Lupus Nephritis and adult bed wetting, care should be taken to evaluate all possible causes of the bed wetting before coming to the conclusion that it is caused by Lupus.

It is definitely an indication of a problem to be bed wetting as an adult and as such should be investigated. To diagnose Lupus as the cause of this bed wetting requires a very detailed analysis as adult bed wetting may be caused by any number of kidney or bladder conditions. Bed wetting as an adult does not immediately imply that the patient has Lupus.

Whatever the suspected cause, a doctor should be consulted right away if one of your loved ones or yourself is suffering from adult bed wetting. Adult bed wetting is not normal, and indicates that something is wrong. Unlike childhood bed wetting adult bed wetting is not cured by behavioral changes.

Medication can be used to control urination when the underlying cause of adult bed wetting is Lupus, rather than any of the other possible underlying causes.

Its is important to keep your thoughts positive especially with a condition like Lupus. Low self esteem will creep into your work and family lives if you let it, so its important to keep the low self esteem and depression at bay.

All conditions like this will cause a certain amount of mental anguish, but its important that you keep your chin up and control the mental aspect of the problem as well as the physical.

Its difficult to deal with adult bed wetting at first, but as you learn to deal with both the cause and the underlying symptoms it becomes easier over time.

After an initial consultation with your doctor, they will most likely reveal to you that the episodes of adult bed wetting are inevitable. And whilst this is generally the case, alternative medicines and alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy can also be used to deal with the symptoms of Lupus induced adult bed wetting.

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